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Affordable Search Engine Optimization to suit your needs. 

Affordable SEO for Your Business

SEO website

Free Traffic to Your Website

If you are not optimising your website for search engine, it is like having a car without petrol. It may sit there, simply existing, but won't get anywhere. 
Our SEO Strategy help your business in many different ways, including:

  • Improving demand and traffic
  • Build brand credibility
  • Reach new markets
  • Enhance practicality of your website
  • Get a high-yield return on investment

what's in the SEO service?


SEO Strategy report

Analyse your existing website and research on your competitors and make a plan to launch your campaign to reach successful goals.

keyword research seo

keyword research

Research your keyword that matches you and your competitions. Target high search volume keyword.


website on-page optimisation

Optimise your website content and images to ensure your customers adore your website.

link building

link building

Building quality back links to link back to your website, ensure you keep your ranking in the search engine for long term.

SEO performance report

monthly performance report

Monthly report that tells you exactly how well is your website performing, what have we done to achieve this, and also recommendations for future development.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do you use White Hat SEO techniques?

Yes we use and only use white hat SEO techniques, which is same as all reputable SEO companies.

+ How Long does it take to see results?

SEO is a long-term process and require longer commitment. Typically it will take 6 months before you see any results. Google (or other major search engine) does not boost your ranking from page 10 to page 1 overnight. They will only increase your ranking gradually. However when your ranking goes up, it will be long lasting and it will slowly show results through a number of different metrics. If you are looking for more short-term process talk to us about SEM or other marketing techniques.

+ Will you guarantee #1 ranking?

I can't. In fact nobody in the industry can. The ranking depends on a number of factors. However I can guarantee you will see a growth of traffic from organic visits, and it will possibly lead to more sales.

+ Is there any lock-in contract?

There is no lock-in contract in this service. You can cancel anytime you like providing your have given us minimum 2 weeks' notice before the next billing cycle.


Our SEO service starts from $250+GST/month. No locked-in contract, cancel anytime.