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Tong Chen is a professional graphic and web designer in Perth, Western Australia.

About Chase e-Design

Tong Chen

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Dreamer. Thinker. Designer

Hi, I’m Tong. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Chase e-Design. 
Chase is my multifaceted design studio, located in Perth, WA. I specialise in brand design, web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content marketing, just to name a few.

My client-focused approach sets me apart from other studios. I listen, I observe, I communicate. I explain important design principles to my clients so that they are better able to tell me how I can help them achieve their goals. My brand designs are fresh and original, and my websites focus on functionality and user experience.

I’ve been a graphic designer since I was a teenager, back when I had to complete projects using a pen and paper. How old am I, you ask? That’s not important! What is important is that I have both passion and experience in design, and I pride myself in channelling these qualities to produce work that exceeds client expectations.

Design is a digital medium now, and I can help you with all of your digital and web design needs. But I think that my early pen and paper days made me a stronger graphic designer. It helped me develop a sense of style. I favour a minimalist approach. I don’t clutter the page or the screen. Instead, I do my best to create simple, elegant work that catches the eye and leaves you wanting more.

This history—this approach—makes my work stronger. By putting myself into the work, I can tell the story of your brand, your business. This means that your customers get to know you better, and that you can engage with them more effectively.

I love my job, and I love making my clients happy. Click here to say hi and have a chat. It’d be great to work with you.

To check out my portfolio please head to my behance page