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What Does Responsive Mean in Web Design and Why Does Your Small Business Need It?

If your website isn't fast and doesn't display properly on mobile devices, you can forget growing your business online. That's because 52% of web traffic originates from smartphones and tablets.

That's a huge chunk of visitors you're missing out on by not having a responsive website.

You've heard of responsive web design before. Understanding it better means you can attract that percentage of traffic you're missing.

Doing this doesn't take much time nor does implementing it. That's why we'll go over in detail about everything you need to know.

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What Does Responsive Mean?

Let's keep this simple. Responsive web design is when your website can be viewed across multiple devices, from smartphones to iPads.

It's meant to allow users to view your site without having to pinch the screen to zoom or endlessly scroll to find what they're looking for. Think of it as a more compact version of your website.

Being a small business, this is crucial for you to take part in. If you don't, you're losing business by not being adaptable to changing times.

That said, let's go over some more reasons why responsive web design is the right move for you.

4 Reasons You Need a Responsive Design

Still on the fence? Learn our reasons why your small business will only benefit from this change.

It's Important to Google

Google is the leading search engine that sets a lot of algorithms and rules. One practice they rolled out recently is their mobile-first indexing.

This implies that mobile pages will appear first in search results. While it doesn't have an effect on ranks, it's still better to have mobile-friendly content so you can perform better in mobile search results.

Cost Efficient

If you were to forgo a responsive design, you'd end up spending more money paying for two different sites-one for desktop and the other optimized for mobile. With a responsive design, it's like getting two sites for one cost.

Imagine how much that'll save you annually when you don't have to pay for upkeep. You won't have to worry about keeping both versions updated but rather focus on one.

Reach Those Who Don't Have a Computer

For some, their phones act as their computer. They use it to access the internet, send emails, and check social media.

For those who don't own a computer, that's a lot of business left in the virtual dust-business you could be picking up. If you were to stick with a desktop-only site, you're losing out on revenue.

Converting to a responsive design ensures you're gaining traffic from all corners of the web.

Better UX Experience

How frustrating is it when a webpage takes forever to load? You've encountered it yourself so what makes you think your visitors want to experience the same?

Responsive design also accounts for speed and ease of usability of a website. It'll allow your images to download quicker which in turn means more visitors will stay on your site.

Create Your Responsive Website Today

Now that we've answered your question "what does responsive mean?", you can now create a better website. Not only that but now you can start bringing in the traffic.

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